Blog #5

In chapters 11 and 12, Patricia Hill Collins discusses Black feminist epistemology and how it relates to Black women’s empowerment. She defines epistemology as “an overarching theory of knowledge” that “investigates the standards used to assess knowledge or why we believe what we believe to be true” (270). Collins argues that the dominant epistemology of the United States, and much of the western world, has been defined and validated by elite, white men. According to the chapter, both chapters 11 and 12, Black feminist epistemology challenges and gives a different outlook on the hegemony or dominant ideologies created and validated because it makes the readers and followers of Black feminist thought more aware of them, thus creating consciousness and enlightenment (so to speak) about the matrix of domination governing Black women in this country, as well as the global matrix of domination that controls women of African descent around the world.



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