Lemon Blackberry Cream Puffs with Dairy-Free Pastry Cream

Must try!

The Craving Chronicles

Sometimes food blogging is hard, guys. I don’t mean hard as in, “Oh no, well I guess *someone* has to eat these cream puffs, wink wink” – although it is that too. I mean hard as in sometimes it takes 3 weekends of baking to develop the recipe you’re after and then your photos turn out kind of lackluster and you still haven’t even written up the post and recipe to go with them yet.

Thank goodness there are cream puffs or I would quit this job ASAP.

Lemon Blackberry Cream Puffs with Dairy-Free Pastry Cream

(Fun fact: Food blogging is not actually my job! I have a day job that involves me doing computer-y things at a computer all day long. I don’t actually get paid for blogging… except in baked goods. I think we can all agree that’s almost as good as money.)

It’s been one of those months where keep this little blog going has…

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